Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Dreams to Comtemplate

Your smile reminded me of a bright blue sky
Those eyes that sparkle looked into mine, I'd cry
Your long dark hair where I hid from the thunderstorms of night
My fingers traced each strand felt like no end in sight

Your memories remind me of a warm safe place
Oh the ecstasy of lovers connected in times embrace
Crossing over Heavens sea where my warrior is waiting in my dreams
Be still this heart of mine, for soon you will sail free, without this physical me

I look out my window so sunny of late, and try to contemplate
Will there be another love cross my path blessed from your fate
Happiness I know are the messages you have sent in my sleep
Without you, how will I know which to keep

When fear haunted my nights, lightening and thunder made me hide
I remember the words you whispered in my ear, "it will be ok lil one no need for freight"
"Snuggle close into my arms as you drift on serenity"
"Dream of me here with you keeping you safe for all eternity"

Now awake from my dreams created from your fate
But I still hear your words whispered in the breeze so latent
Tossing in these sheets of mine, fearing to breath and miss those words so divine
Come to my dreams my love, make love to me again, oh how divine

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