Saturday, July 24, 2010

I hate you, Mr. Fate

Today is just not my day
Tears of sadness streaming down my face
A broken camera lens, broke my heart today
Threatens to dash all my hopes of something great

Another cruel joke Mr. Fate has thrown in my face
A twist of fate has made this such a bad day
My mind just refuses to contemplate
How will I know make a living from what I can't afford to replace

Oh fate, how much I hate you today
Just break my heart and throw it away
What twist do you have in-store for me tomorrow
Something else to break & bring me sorrow

How silly it seems to cry over a broken lens
If you could see Mr. Fate, inside my heart, would you then
Understand how much joy, taking natures photos, fills my heart again
Please just stop your cruel twists of fate

For I must sell my pictures just to buy a loaf bread for God's sake
Look Mr. Fate these are not tears of joy streaming down my face
Fate you twisted my heart then shoved it back in
Such struggle we all have go through, just to survive these days

Will you take what hope for a better life I have left
Go ahead, dam you fate, dash my heart on those your cold stones, fate, whats next
Did you not see how happy taking pictures made my heart not break
Dam you cold fate, now how do I fix what you broke, without money to replace.

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July 24, 2010

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  1. Nice, like the constant questioning of "Mr Fate"; simplistic yet impactful. I really enjoyed this.

    A great man (Tupac - my favourtie poet) once said "It's complicated to escape fate"...